President’s Message

Osamu Kato, Representative Director
Osamu Kato, Representative Director

We solve your business problems and provide reasonable advice for SMEs.

The overseas expansion of Japanese companies, which began with the internationalization and appreciation of the yen after the Plaza Accord, has shifted from expansion into emerging countries to secure inexpensive labor overseas around 1990-2000 to expansion overseas to secure alternative markets to the sluggish Japanese market. In labor-intensive industries, secondary expansion from China to ASEAN, South Asia, etc. is progressing while in the case of expansion targeting overseas markets, focus is shifting from ASEAN and China to India. More recently, a return to the U.S. market and entry into the European market through the acquisition of small brands have been prominent.

As a third trend of overseas investment, innovation through the acquisition of cutting-edge technology, as represented by Germany’s Industry 4.0 and China’s “China Manufacturing 2025” is a new movement involving Japan, centering on Silicon Valley and Israel. The impact of the rise of electric vehicles, AI and IOT, and Big Data on the industries of conventional auto parts manufacturing, consumer electronics and service industry respectively is immeasurable. At the same time, Japanese companies are entering an era of major business succession due to generational change in the midst of these changing global trends. Those founders who have supported the development of the companies from its inception amid such a huge wave of technological innovation are now facing the time when they must transfer their businesses to the next generation whereas there is also a possibile failure of the handover.

Japan’s population, especially in rural areas, will begin to decline rapidly. Confronted by a dramatically shrinking economy, regional development is an urgent issue for Japan. The need to penetrate into overseas markets from local regions and to capture inbound demand from overseas markets for local regions on the other hand has become an unavoidable theme. Globalgate Corporation was established to provide easy-to-use and affordable consulting services to address these issues, that is, to help clients overcome challenges by realizing low-cost operations as a result of consolidation of business in Japan and overseas, entering new markets, introducing advanced technology, and capturing inbound business. We respond to these needs of Japanese companies by making full use of our global network. We assist our clients not only by rendering practical support for entry into new markets, but also by international business strategy advisory services that help foresee upcoming changes and open up a new era for your company with a future-oriented approach. Companies that leverage our service of small and medium-sized cross-border M&A are also able to reorganize the business structure in an efficient and swift manner.

In response to the current worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus, we are dedicated to solving our clients’ problems by offering services for the domestic market through supporting SMEs and startups for sale of business due to lack of sucessors, or acquistion of such business in order to grow to the next stage, capital alliance, business revitalization, IPO, sales channel development, or actual business operation.

We look forward to working with you as your partner.

Representative profile

The Fuji Bank, Ltd.
Joined The Fuji Bank, Limited
China Kangfu International Leasing Co., Ltd.
Executive Assistant to the President
Mizuho Bank (China), Ltd.
Department General Manager of China ASEAN Research and Advisory Department, Hong Kong Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Managing Director of International Advisory Team, International Business Department
Mizuho Bank (China), Ltd.
Guangzhou Branch Manager
Chairman of Guangzhou Japanese Commerce and Industry
International Investment Advisor of Guangzhou Municipal Government
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Head of Global Corporate Advisory Division
YAMADA Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
Head of Overseas Business Department
Globalgate Inc.
Representative Director and CEO
Japan Property & Casualty Insurance (China) Co. Independent Director
Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Advisor
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Small and Medium Business Revitalization Council Advisor

Main publications

《China plus one》
《Business Model New Image in China & Hong Kong 70》
《Asia Business Model 60》
《Expanding into Asia without failure》
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《Dynamism of Japanese Companies in Globalization》
The financial economist

Contributed and serialized articles

《ABC of Emerging Countries》
Nikkei Business Daily
《The Birth of the East-West Economic Corridor》
《Reviving Cambodia》etc.
《Challenges and Future of Japanese Companies in Hong Kong》
JETRO Sensor
《Investing in Asia without failure》
Fuji Sankei Business i


「Financial Upgrading Seminar」
Financial Institutions Bureau, Bank of Japan
「Gujarat Global Business Summit」
Japan Session Presenter
「Regional Banks Association Workshop」
Regional Banks Association of Japan
「Nikkei Business Innovation Forum」
YAMADA Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
「Seminar on Hong Kong in Kawasaki」
Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Kawasaki City
「Business Seminar at the Investment Authority of Thailand」
Board Of Investment Thailand
「Myanmar Investment Seminar」
Embassy of Myanmar
「Shanghai Seminar」
Bank of Yokohama and Bank of West Japan
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Company name
Globalgate Inc. (English name: Globalgate Inc.)
Legal representative
Osamu Kato, Representative Director
26 million yen (including capital reserve: as of March 31, 2019)
Main Bank
Mizuho Bank, Shibuya Chuo Branch, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Nihonbashi Chuo Branch
Postal Code 102-0093
301, Hillcrest Hirakawacho, 2-5-7, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Google map

< Overseas Operations >
1) M&A advisory specializing in mid- to small-sized deals (mainly in the 100-3 billion yen range)
Cross-border (overseas) M&A (China, all of Asia, Australia, Israel, some Americas)
Pre-M&A Preparation Support (Support for listing and approaching potential acquisition targets)
M&A assistance services
2) Overseas expansion support consulting (Greater China, all of Asia, Australia)
Overseas business and general consulting, strategic consulting
Marketing research and strategic planning
Establishment of local subsidiaries, development of joint venture partners
Support for sales channel expansion and overseas distributor development
Labor and Human Resources Support
Accounting/accounting/tax support in accordance with local laws
Withdrawal, restructuring, and business reorganization support
Support for investment in foreign companies
Support for investment in Japan by overseas companies
Support for investment in covered areas by overseas companies
3) Support for investment in Israel for advanced technology
Support for advanced technology scouting
Visits to local start-up companies and set-up of business meetings
Support for capital tie-ups and acquisitions of start-up companies
4) Overseas human resource introduction services

< Services for domestic clients >
1) Domestic M&A (sale and acquisition support)
Business succession M&A
Sale of non-core businesses
Support for business-to-business alliances
Value-up support for start-up companies
M&A search and acquisition support
2) Consulting services
Business restructuring
Business restructuring and integration support
IPO (Initial Public Offering) support
Inbound (visitors to Japan) marketing support
3) Business Matching Services
New product sales partner development support
Business promotion services

< Other Services >
1) Management and business advisory services
Advisor to domestic companies (Advisor or Outside Director)
Overseas Subsidiary Advisor (Advisor or Outside Director)
Advisor for Business Restructuring (Advisor or Outside Director)
Advisor for Japanese subsidiaries of overseas companies (Advisor or Outside Director)
2) Domestic and international business matching services
3) Agency sales of products of foreign and domestic companies
4) Agency and agent services for cross-border e-commerce, introduction of Wechat Pay, etc.


Most of our consultants have been with us for 10-20 years.We are able to provide in-depth advice because of our experience.

Experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge and expertise in your industry and occupation will partner with you to provide you with the right advice backed by their expertise.
They provide accurate advice backed by their expertise.
We will look into the candidate’s epxerience, explore various possibilities, and propose the best plan and timing for the change of career.
We support career change and development of those who can work at the top management level by acting as a companion closer to you than anyone else.

Akane OGURA (Jing Yi FENG)

Akane OGURA (Jing Yi FENG)
Born in Guangzhou, China, she graduated from Sun Yat-sen University’s Japanese Language Dept and received a Master’s in Management Policy Science from the University of Tsukuba.
After working at the Product Planning Department for Olympus, she joined the China ASEAN Research Advisory Division of the Hong Kong Branch of Mizuho Corporate Bank. She engaged in about 500 overseas investment projects while at the forefront of advisory services at Mizuho Bank (International Sales Department, China Sales Promotion Department, International Strategic Information Department).
While promoting the traditional music of her birthplace as vice president of Macau New Phoenix Imaging Co., Ltd., she is a strategic partner of our firm and is an active overseas investment consultant.

Ayumi Fujikawa

Ayumi Fujikawa
After working at Nikko Asset Management, Banker Trust Bank (currently Deutsche Trust Bank), JP Morgan Asset Management, etc., she had been engaged in East Asian investment advisory business for 13 years at a major financial institution Hong Kong branch. She has an experience of being stationed in Shanghai and Hong Kong for about 18 years.



He started his career as an IT manager and later worked as a manager for Israeli technology companies and ventures in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Europe in various Israeli high-tech fields. He has been involved in several technology ventures as well as mentoring venture companies, and was the President of Orbotech Japan before becoming the Managing Partner of NGLI Holdings Ltd. in Israel, where he is currently the Managing Partner.

Azusa Weedon-Newstead


Azusa Weedon-Newstead
Born in Japan, has experience working for a publicly listed company in Japan and two of the major accounting firms (Big 4) in Australia; established the Japan Desk at Pitcher Partners (a mid-sized accounting firm with over 1,400 employees) in July 2016 and She was appointed as Director. She has been involved in several acquisitions of Japanese companies and focuses on Japanese business. Since the establishment of the Japan Desk, She has assisted over 10 Japanese companies with new investments in Australia.

Michiko Kannari


Michiko Kannari
Born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has worked in various industries, including as an international travel wholesaler for an airline company, a record company, a radio station, and as an executive of a design company. In January 2012, she moved to Jakarta to establish a local subsidiary. For about seven and a half years, she has been engaged in market research, matching, and consulting, as well as assisting Japanese companies to enter the Indonesian market. She has been involved in a wide range of activities, including speaking at Indonesian business seminars, writing and supervising Nikkei BP’s “Shigoto Tabi Jakarta,” and serving as a Jakarta correspondent for the radio station J-WAVE.

Sandeep Ogale


Sandeep Ogale
Graduated from Pune University, India. After working for Meghraj Group, Mahindra, and Siemens, he is currently a Principal of YMS Partners LLP (Mumbai). Past experience includes the automotive, service, chemical, IT, and other manufacturing and logistics industries.

You Jun YA


You Jun YA
Born in Beijing, China. After completing her studies at Xiamen University’s School of Finance and Banking (majoring in finance) and the People’s Bank of China’s Research Student Department (now the Wudaokou School of Finance at Tsinghua University, majoring in insurance), she moved to Hong Kong and worked at Sompo Japan Hong Kong before joining a major financial institution to establish its China ASEAN Research Advisory Section at its Hong Kong branch. She was involved in negotiations with the authorities, China-related troubleshooting, and sourcing of M&A deals with China. Currently, as President of Kimpuku International Hong Kong, she is engaged in business alliances between Chinese and Japanese companies and between Israeli and Chinese companies.


Sri LankaSri Lanka

Born in Sri Lanka. After working as a sales representative for a major insurance company, he studied at Asia University in Japan. After graduation, he worked for a trading company in Tokyo for about 5 years and co-managed a trading company with a Japanese partner before returning to Sri Lanka in 2011. He established World Lanka Trading Company, World Lanka Tours Company, and World Lanka Consulting Services Company.